There are many recoveries available for different devices but if you have a newer device and you don't have a custom recovery for that,and you want to port a custom recovery for that but you don't, have  knowledge about recovery porting ,don't worry you are in correct place,here we explain a simple method to port a custom recovery for any android device.
Steps to port a new custom Recovery-
  • stock recovery-dump using mtk tool
  • stock boot image-dump using mtk tool
  • any custom recovery which match with your device screen resolution-search on google
  • recovery unpack repack tools download here 
  • your pc with adb driver installed
Note-twrp not work Because its porting method diffrent
Step 1.extract img unpack repack tools in folder,
Step 2.copy paste both recoveries and boot image file in tools folder,
Step 3.Drug and drop stock recovery,port and boot image  on unpack.bat file,
Step 4.you get 3 different folder according to your images name,
Step 5.just open stock recovery/rmdsk folder and copy these file and paste in port recovery /rmdsk folder,
  • meta_init.rc
  • ueventd.rc
  • ueventd.goldfish.rc
  • fstab
Step 6.open stock boot image folder and copy these file and paste in port recovery folder,
  • meta_init.modem.rc
  • meta_init.project.rc
Step 7.go to stock recovery and copy etc folder and replace in port recovery folder,
Step 8.go back to stock recovery and copy these file and paste in port recovery folder,
  • kernel
  • kernel_header
Step 9.ok you are done everything just drag and drop port recovery folder on repack.bat file ,
Step 10.you get a new recovery image this is a custom recovery for your device just flash it using fastboot mod or using any apps {go hear}

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