How to increase Internet Speed on any Android Device

Increase internet Speed on Android-
Slow Internet is a big Problem of android users but Don't Worry your Problem is Now Solved By Using there Some important tricks,
This Is a latest 100% working Step by step guide to increase Internet Speed on almost any Android Device no matter xiaomi, samsung, htc, motorola, Micromax, sony, miezu , coolpad, yu no matter mtk snapdragon, spd or intel, you can improve almost on any android Device By Using these useful Tricks, all tricks specially tested by me it work on Almost All Devices That Face a Slow Internet Speed Problem Just Follow Below Guide to improve Internet Speed Of Your Internet Device,

How to Improve/increase Internet Speed on Android-
So let's Start the Process From Basic To Advance,
1. Remove Back Cover of your Device-
a slow internet Speed is Caused by poor Network Signal if you have poor signal internet speed is alos poor, so if your think that cover is protect our yes it's true but if you have a hug large cover then remove it and use a thin cover,

2.use Internet Speed booster-
internet speed Booster is another Solution to improve internet speed, you can select any one internet Booster from google Play Store, all internet Booster not work great thay just remove catch of our device so feel that speed is good,

3.Clear Catch-
a hug catch is also cause a slow internet speed so clear catch data time to time, you can clear catch using recovery or using cleaner apps, memory Booster is also a Good Choice i personally tested This app,

4.update Baseband-
Baseband is the major part of your Device to get batter signal if you have a oldest baseband then update it with newer version, your Device signal is Depend On your Device's Baseband Version so Just use It,

5. uninstall unuseful apps-
uninstall unuseful apps from your Device, if you have a hug apps on your device that cause a slow internet, we all now that android apps work in background that's it, if app work in background it drain your data,so  uninstall useless apps,

6.Restrict Background Data-
Restrict Background data is another and very useful solution to get best internet speed, after background restrication your internet connection is safe and only that app use it which is run by you,

7.Advance and important Section -
This Is most importent section to improve internet speed of your Android Device this section require a Rooted Device to work, just follow Below Guide,

  • Run Root Explore and go to system folder create a backup of build.prop file,
  • then click on it edit build.prop and add below code one by one at the end of last code, 
Improve 3g data speeds

Net speed tweaks
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.hspa=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.lte=524288,1048576,2097152,5242 88,1048576,2097152
net.tcp.buffersize.hspda=4096,87380,256960,4096,16 384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.evdo_b=6144,87380,1048576,6144, 87380,1048576

 Better Signal Tweaks

  • and Then Save build.prop file and make a system reboot thats it,
So this a Complete 100% Working Guide to improve internet speeed of you android Device if you have any question let us know via comment,

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