Download Volcano Box 3.0.9 Full Setup with Inferno Tool 2017

Volcano Box 3.0.9  full Setup Download For Window-
Latest version of Volcano Box 3.0.9 with inferno tool is Now available for Download With more Features, you can Download it from Bellow,

Download Latest Setup of Volcano Box 3.0.9 with MTK and SPD inferno tools, Volcano Box 3.0.9 is a ultimate mobile phone Software repairing tool which support almost all mediatek and SPD Cpu,you can also Repair Qualcomm based Devices, it support imei Repairing using meta mod which is also a good news for us,Latest version of Volcano Box  Support MT6797 full emmc firmware read write,many bug are fixed and many under testing,

Note- Big Collection of Flash tool Repairing box Full version[Run without Box] , You have Not seen before on a Single page....Here
Changelog inferno 1.2.2{MTK}-
  • Added MTK6797 Emmc Read Factory File Support
  • Fixed MTK Repair IMEI
    What Fixed ?
  • Software says Imei repaired but in device still imei invalid is Fixed
    Fixed Cpu
  • MTK6583
  • MTK6735
  • Fixed MTK NAND MTK6572
  • Fixed Write "Preloader.bin" while factory file write
  • Fixed Backup original "Preloader.bin" from phone while writing factory file
  • Fixed Factory file load error
Note- Please Don't Download if you Don't Know about that[Box flashing, repairing]
Must Check- Miracle Box 2.46 Full version [No box Require] Here
Download Volcano Box and Inferno Tool- 
File Name Downloads
volcano box Full Setup 3.0.9 for window Download
volcano box 3.0.9 Module installer Full Download
Download Volcano Box Yellowstone Download
Setup installer for volcano 1.2.2 MTK Download
Setup installer for volcano 1.1.3 SPD Download
volcano unitool Setup Installer Full Download
Setup installer for inferno key 1.2.2 MTK Download
Setup installer for inferno key 1.1.3  SPD Download
i have update Some volcano Software Check if you Don't have
Volcano Box Features

  1. Volcano Box have Special feature of detecting phones. This is really help full when you don’t know which cpu you have in your phone. Simply select auto detect cpu from detect type and press and hold power button it will detect your phone cpu. Detecting will be from tx rx. 
  2. Volcanobox also have Manual select pinout. This mean you if you know pinouts for any phone just simply drag and drop your desire pin feature on desire pin after all just press set pinout. You are ready to service your mobile
  3. Volcano box have very special feature called finding boot pin. Some phones will not boot until you know which pin from pinout is boot boot. So this feature volcano make life easy. Simply select your desire cpu and click on detect button it will auto find boot pin.
  4. Volcano box can make any pin to pull up or pull down to your phone bootable. Also volcano have some Additional feature which really useful in detecting like short two pins. Set resistance etc
  5. Volcano can set make almost all type of usb and com cables. For example if you don’t have your nokia usb cable you can simply set correct pinout and press set pinout now your volcanobox is your ultimate usb cable.
MTK Cpu-
  1. We support almost all MTK cpu and lot of feature for this cpu. We support almost all new and old mtk cpu include new upcoming MTK Android phones too. 
  2. From mtk tab you can do lot of things like. Readinfo, read flash, write flash, format, unlock usercode, phonebook save, mobile phone internal information, some other tools, nand clear, Sp unlock, touch screen repair, repair imei, fix signals, backing up or write NVM files for mtk phones and much more
  3. Volcano box is really professional tool which give you high quality updates on mtk phones. All newest phones which comes with android operating system we support them for read flash, write flash, repair imei,
  4. There is some phones which imei become damaged after hard reset phone you can repair them with volcanobox and this is just need normal usb cable that’s it.
  5. We support mtk phones for both ways with rx tx and with d+ d-, its means mostly phone you can do without opening phones. Just you need to do some practice as you will familiar with volcanobox it will really money making machine for you.
MTK Supported Cpu-
MTK6253DVN MTK6515 MTK6217 MTK6252 MTK6218 MTK6219 MTK6223 MTK6225 MTK6226 MTK6227 MTK6228 MTK6229 MTK6230 MTK6235 MTK6238 MTK6239 MTK6268 MTK6516 MTK6573 MTK6250 MTK6253 MTK6236 MTK6251 MTK6255 MTK6575 MTK6577 MTK625A/0DA MTK6276

SPD (spreadtrum) Cpu-

  1. Volcanobox is really powerful on SPD platform. You can do lot of things on spd cpu like readinfo, read flash, write flash, erase nand, readimei and read password, unlock user code, phone book save and lot of other features. 
  2. Volcano box is only box in the world which support all most all new SPD cpu for repairing. Volcanobox detecting very fast on spd phones. Volcano box can service your spd phones which communicate on usb or com connectivity means d+ d- and Rx Tx… so you don’t have to worry
All features-visit official Site

HTC Qualcomm based phone-
Volcanobox support HTC Qualcomm based phones for read code. It’s old but old is gold. You don’t want to create goldcard etc. simple connect phone with computer with normal usb cable and unlock it with volcanobox. Detailed PDF file provided with Full installers so you can read & Perform exactly as described in PDF easily,
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